Building a credible reputation online is now vital to grow the profile you need to attract new clients to you, and also become known as a rainmaker for your firm. Whilst I spend most of my time encouraging people to take the brave step and use social media to grow their profile, it is possible to over do the self-promotion on social media.

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Just in case anyone is wondering, I was having some fun when I wrote this blog post – and despite anyone thinking otherwise, I have not based this article on any one individual or group of individuals. I am sure that I am guilty of some of these!

  1. You send out articles you have written to your network on Twitter
  2. You attach your company’s hashtag to everything you tweet or retweet, even if you are tweeting on behalf of a conference
  3. You rarely share articles written by anyone else on any platform
  4. You regularly message your network with where you are next speaking, regardless of whether they would be interested or near enough to attend
  5. You treat your social media presences as personal PR channels
  6. People stop believing that you ‘really are getting great feedback’ on the blog you have written
  7. The number of ‘likes’, ‘mentions’, ‘comments’ on your blogs, articles or tweets starts to decrease
  8. It becomes harder to get time with the people who matter to you and your business
  9. People stop messaging you on skype
  10. You mention where you have been name checked in an article or a blog, regardless of who wrote it and where the article appeared
  11. People start talking about you as more style than substance
  12. You find the amount of twitter lists you are on decreases
  13. your klout or peer index score decreases

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