Over the past month, I have been reminded very strongly about the importance of building your online footprint – particularly if you want to save time doing business development. One of the biggest barriers I hear potential partners tell me about is actually finding and making the time to grow their own client portfolio. After all, it is often the lack of a client following which stops so many talented professionals make the step up to partner.

In this 3-part blog post, I look at the 5 ways in which you can use your online footprint to help you sign up the right clients quicker.

1. Helps you get introductions from your network

One of my ex-clients rang me recently, asking if I could help his son with introductions to possible employers. I agreed readily – after all, I will always help out my clients, past, present or future. Although his son was keen and eager to find his first role as an accountant, he didn’t have any online footprint. No LinkedIn profile, blog, published article or anything which I could point to, when introducing him, as evidence of his credibility. Now, this was a very junior professional looking for his first job, so understandably he may not have a published article. If he was blogging about what he was learning, or using twitter to build his network or LinkedIn to ‘show his best professional side’, it would have made any introductions much more likely to have a positive result.  (If you would like some FREE templates to help you build a great LinkedIn professional headline and summary, see here)

One of my new clients, an established long-standing partner in a regional accountancy practice, is working with me to help develop his online footprint. Not because he believes that it will quickly turn on a tap of referrals and new business, but because he knows it will help him shorten the business development process and help him get his foot in the door more often.

In tomorrow’s blog post we look at ways your investment in your on-line footprint can help the phone ring more and you differentiate yourself from your competitors and peers more effectively.

Click here to download our short free guide to creating a LinkedIn profile to make sure you are not losing business or job opportunities. (email required)

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