slow down 1200pxIf you are going to achieve your career (and wider life) goals you need ambition. Sometimes, this career ambition is lacking. For example, my career ambition was lacking when I returned to work after the birth of my first child. As you may have guessed, this returned a while later. In this blog post are 9 signs that your career ambition may be lacking – and the questions you need to ask yourself or others to determine whether this is the case.

1. Unsure of what you want out of your career

 Ask: Do you know where you want your career to be in 3-5 years time?

2. Bored in your current role

Ask: Are you excited by the thought of the work ahead in your role?

3. Know that you are working for the wrong firm  

Ask: Do you see this firm as a good fit for you and the firm?

4. Know that you are in the wrong profession

Ask: Do you like being a lawyer/accountant/consultant/surveyor? (Delete as appropriate)

5. Not prepared to make sacrifices to progress your career

Ask: What do you perceive you will have to give up to progress your career at this firm? Are you prepared to do this?

6. Do not understand what it takes to get ahead in your firm

Ask: Do you know what you need to do to get to the next stage in your career at your firm?

7. Do not know how to get noticed for the right reason

Ask: How strong is your profile with senior members of your firm?

8. Reluctant to speak up to others about what you want for your career

Ask: How many people know about what you want and need to help you progress your career?

9. You are stuck in a career comfort zone, and not prepared to take a risk to get out of it.

Ask: How long have you been in this current role with similar responsibilities? (If it is over 2 years, then you have a potential problem)