If I said you can either be a Fire-fighter or a Business Builder, which would you choose? Perhaps you wish you could do both.

What does it for you? The excitement, the glamour, the adrenaline, the sweat, being needed – it can feel good to have a crisis to manage!

A good bit of fire-fighting can be fun. The trouble is the crisis ends and you realise…

Putting out fires means your practice never gets built

Have you seen firms where the partner spends most of their time fighting fires? Rather than working on the business they have become crisis managers.

Some partners even wait for somebody to come through the door with a problem that needs attention, and some that leave things to the last minute so they can create crisis!

Adrenaline is great, but it won’t build your firm – which do you want?

Nothing will change unless you do

Is this you?

Once the crisis is over you’re shattered and sit back for a bit, after all you deserve a rest and you promise yourself you will get on with the long term stuff……But it does not produce that addictive drug – adrenaline. So you don’t work too hard at it – then there’s another fire and you’re off again.

Do you want to develop your firm?

Of course you want to grow, but it’s not as exciting as doing and fighting fires – so it simply doesn’t happen! If you leave the development this week, next week, the week after – nothing changes. How can that be as exciting?

Nothing will change unless you do

You enjoy working IN the business?

If you’re honest with yourself are there times when you enjoy doing what your staff should do? It’s what you used to do when you developed a passion for the profession, and that’s what led to you creating your firm. How can you have both?

6 effective tips to stop fighting fires

  1. Reconnect with why you wanted to be a partner in the first place. What was the emotional content that you wanted?
  2. Look at your vision. Is it clear what you want to develop in the longer term, or is that missing from the vision? If the vision isn’t exciting, there’s the problem. Think about what you want, create a new vision.
  3. Challenge yourself and get radical. What are you doing that you don’t have to? Create diary space.
  4. What 2 things could you do that will take you forward to your first stepping stone enroute to your vision?
  5. Create a playtime every week. If you really enjoy “doing”, don’t deny your craving! Give yourself a fixed amount of time, every week, where you will do the fun stuff with your team – if you have done your longer term tasks.
  6. Work out what 2-3 measures will help you see if you are on progress towards your vision, track them an act on them. KPIs can be really powerful, but don’t let them take over.

What will stop you from fighting as many fires and focusing on the less sexy – but more important business development? 

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