Business Development Habit

Are you ready to go for partnership?

Business Development Habit is one out of 12 key indicators for making it to Partner. What are the key indicators we hear you ask? Well, they are a list of criteria that we have come up with to test whether you are ready to go for partnership. Based on our experiences of working with hundreds of lawyers, accountants and consultants, we found that only the candidates who performed strongly in these 12 key areas, were successful in being made up to Partner.

You can only know what you need to work on when you assess yourself, so take our Partnership Readiness Assessment now. This will tell you how you score in the 12 key areas, highlighting which of the indicators you need to work on. The results of this assessment will be invaluable to you as it will help you to prioritise and take purposeful steps to progress your career to Partner. 

Why is Business Development Habit so important to your future career progression?

Winning business is not about big gestures. It's about regularly turning up and staying top of mind with your introducers, existing clients and potential clients. It's about doing a little bit of business development each day, regardless of how much work you have on at the moment.

One of the things your partners will be looking for from the people that they want to invest in to make partner is whether they make time for business development each day. It really is that simple.

How to always make time for business development

It can seem quite daunting to build your own client portfolio alongside a full-time job, but it is possible. Even in the busiest of schedules!

Use the 5 Ps:

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    Hone in on your PLAN

    Plan what you are going to do, when, and how often.

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    Have a clear PROSPECT list

    Know exactly who you want to get in touch with. 

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    PRIORITISE, prioritise, prioritise

    Decide what will have the most impact from the least amount of effort and do that first. 

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    PACE yourself

    You don't have to do everything at once. Create a plan that works for you and consistently do a little, but often. 

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    PUSH DOWN work to your team

    Delegate the chargeable client work to your team.

If you need more help with creating your Business Development Habit, read Chapter 8 of Poised for Partnership here.

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