I was sitting down with one of my favourite clients for our scores-on- the-doors monthly KPI review. As always we look at her marketing activity and the leads it is producing.

As we looked through which sources her leads had come from, she mentioned to me that she was really pleased to have nearly hit her target, but they hadn’t come from where she had expected them to come from. As we went through where each lead had come from, what seemed like a random collection of leads corresponded rather well to where we had expected them to come from. Towards the end of the conversation, my client remembered a lead she had forgotten about. This extra lead meant she had hit her target for lead generation for the month.

As this was the 5th month of using a tactical marketing plan, and recording where every lead was coming from, we were able to look at and compare 5 months of data; which allowed us to see any trends which were starting and change our marketing activity based on those trends.

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So, what’s the point of telling this story apart from helping me feel good about helping my client achieve her lead target for the month?

  1. Her use of a tactical marketing plan showing what activity she was going to do to achieve her targeted number of leads was fairly accurate. It also gave her peace of mind that she was doing the right level of marketing activity for her projected client portfolio growth.
  2. We identified that her best source of referrals were her existing clients. Consequently we upped the activity and number of touch points with existing clients to see whether this would have any effect or not.
  3. Having five months of data showing where her leads were coming from was enabling us to take informed management decisions about where to spend time and resource on marketing.
  4. Doing this monthly review was giving my client reassurance that the grand plan was all coming together. She was going to grow her client portfolio to help her convince the partners to make her an equity partner.

Could you predict with 50+% accuracy where your leads will come from this month? If not, then perhaps you need to think about implementing a tactical marketing plan for yourself.

What’s your experience of using a tactical marketing plan?


Click here to download our free ebook "The reluctant business developer's guide to winning clients". (email required)

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