Case Studies

We’ve worked with hundreds of people to progress their careers and find success.  Here are some recent examples of where our coaching has helped professionals achieve their career goals.

Example 1 – Director needing to get through the partnership admissions process

A director from a US-based consultancy firm asked us to work with him. The director didn’t fit the usual type of people the firm promoted to partner, and he wanted help to sell himself with his business case and in his panel-based interview for partner. Together, we worked to crystallise his ‘why me’ and the risk of not promoting him.  As a result, he was successfully promoted to partner at the first time of asking. The chairman of his firm reported that his pitch for partnership was the best he had ever seen.

Example 2 – Aspiring partner new into a firm needing to build a power base with the partners

We coached an associate to make the transition to partner. The associate was new into a 5-office strong regional law firm, and had a history of moving firm every 12-24 months when his career progression slowed and he got bored. He knew that if he was going to make partner, it was now or never. Working with his coach he drew up a plan to achieve partnership within 24 months, and built a business case and personal case for partnership within his firm. The monthly coaching sessions kept him accountable to his plan, and also gave him the time and space to reflect on what he needed to do at work to demonstrate his suitability for partnership.  The result: he made partner within 12 months of starting to work with us.

Example 3 – Big 4 partner seeking new partner appointment in Mid-Tier firm

We were approached by a Big  4 partner to help him successfully navigate the partnership admissions process in a Mid-Tier firm. The partner had not been through a similar partnership admissions process before and was looking for help to truly sell himself and be seen as a ‘sure bet’. As a result of working with us he was successfully appointed to a senior partner role within his new firm. We continue working with him to achieve his short and mid-term career goals.

Example 4 – Introverted manager needing to raise her profile to get promoted

We coached an introverted manager who was keen to be promoted, but had fallen into the trap of putting her head down at work and neglecting her profile within the department and wider firm. Her partners complained that she didn’t have a strong enough profile, portfolio or network to justify promotion. We worked together to address the negative perceptions of her in the office, and motivate her to stay at the firm to continue her career progression. Due to our coaching work together she was promoted 12 months earlier than a ‘best-case’ scenario.

Example 5 – Introverted manager and highly regarded technical specialist needing to build his social skills to get promoted.

We coached a highly intelligent manager in a top ten accountancy practice who had been told that he was awkward in social situations. This awkwardness was seen as abrasive and abrupt and he was fast getting a reputation for being technically brilliant, but not suitable in front of a client. This reputation was hampering his chances of promotion. As a result of the work that we did together, he addressed his critics, built up his emotional intelligence and social skills, particularly within a group setting, and was promoted to director 12 months after we finished working together.

Example 6 – Director struggling with a low performer

We coached a director who had a low performing member of the team. The director needed to get this person performing to the role he had been recruited for, or remove him from the team without destroying morale. The problem team member was a lateral hire who had ‘oversold’ his capabilities at interview. We supported the director throughout the process, and coached her on what to say and do. As a result of the coaching the team member handed in his resignation, before the director had to sack him for poor performance. The team morale recovered very quickly after the team member left and the director’s reputation and respect from her team increased as a result of the actions she took.

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