determination 2 1200pxDoes beating your team sound wrong? Well, maybe there are times when it’s needed!

I’m not suggesting that you should spend all your working day as if you were driving a team of Huskies across the arctic, but at times – in emergencies will it get more from them?

However, I know that only ever using a very directive style won’t get the most from them.

Ideas to enhance your firm’s performance and get more from your team

When my son was younger I would spend lots of time explaining and facilitating his learning, but on the day he reached out to put his hand on a hot cooker I shouted and pushed him aside. At times pushing your team may be needed, but not all the time.

The main point of this article is to suggest you should be creating followers and that if your team willingly go with you their performance is enhanced. The main ways of doing this are about sharing your vision, strategy and values.

Ignoring your team is a great way to destroy performance.

I’ve seen many partners that take no real notice of their team, they don’t really understand what they want – and the team don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve or how they can help. They might claim not to be ignoring the team – but isn’t it a fair description?

What would make you perform better? Working through a functional job description that tells you what you must (and must not) do – or understanding how that fits into an exciting overall vision, where you can clearly see you’re an essential part of a team?

Share your objectives and values.

In Fundamental principles to help you succeed I discussed:

  1. Knowing what you want to achieve and how what it will do for you and how you will feel enhance the power of this vision.
  2. How will you get there? The focus and time saving that clear stepping stones can create.
  3. Knowing what’s important to you and the “rules you won’t break”. How values can save you time, and enhance your performance.

If vision, strategy and values can help you perform better,

think how they can help your team

Sharing your principles with your team means that you will attract people who want similar thing to you, they are going to be motivated, they are likely to focus and put energy into projects that create success, rather than working on their own, disconnected, pet projects.

Share, don’t fear, your vision, strategy and valuesIf you want some ideas on how to share your vision, strategy and values, come back next week.

What will help you share your vision, values and strategy?

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