I’ve got a confession to make. You know when people, well normally men, talk about female drivers being unable to reverse or park? Well, and my apologies to the sisterhood, it’s me that they are often talking about. I am very lucky to have acquired many skills and talents along the years. However, reverse parking or reversing generally is not one of them.

Now, I had to recently take the car to be mended at the garage and they only had one really, really tight parking space to get into. It was school run time so we were on minutes and the kids were in the car. Being a mother of two children, the car I drive is a very sensible tank. Which means that whilst, able to fit the pushchairs and stuff that comes with small kids, a tight responsive turning circle was not part of the spec for the car. I digress.

When I saw this very tight parking space, my heart fell. So, I dug deep and decided yes, I was going to reverse pack into this tight parking space. It was all going so well, until a little voice started to pipe up:

[quote]‘mummy you are too near the other car, mummy you are going to hit the other car’ [/quote]

I checked in my mirrors and I was doing absolutely fine – yes it was a tight space, but I was going to be just fine. But still the little voice in the back of the car carried on…

[quote]‘mummy you are too near the other car, mummy you are going to hit the other car… ’ [/quote]

… and so on.

I could only take this little voice chipping away at my fragile confidence for so long.  Before I knew it, I was coming out of the space and getting myself in a tangled mess. Well, a metaphorical tangled mess – there were no bumps in the car park! My confidence was completely shot to pieces, and time was getting on, so I am embarrassed to say that I left the car in the middle of the garage car park and asked them to sort it out.

On that day I had a very destructive little voice in the back of the car. It tore my confidence at reversing into the space to shreds, and so I comprehensively failed in my task. You may not have a physical voice, like I did that day, but we all have an inner little voice. It’s that voice in our heads, which can often be very helpful, but like my parking fiasco, can be over protective and hinder our development in new scenarios.

So, next time you hear that little voice in your head. Decide whether it is being helping or hindering you. If it is hindering you then how can you change its script so it is helpful?

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