I’ve often wondered whether LinkedIn is a numbers game. My networking methodology and philosophy is firmly centred in relationship management. So, surely LinkedIn should be used to deepen and strengthen relationships rather than building up a large number of connections?

But I see others talking about how LinkedIn is a numbers game. With nearly 1000 connections on Linkedin,   I have been actively wondering whether I should cull some connections so I can use Linkedin to focus on the relationships which matter to me. After all, I was saying one thing, but using the default Linkedin strategy and playing the numbers game on Linkedin.

Hence, my dilemma. So, I asked this question to my LinkedIn connections. Some fascinating responses…

I was firstly told to only very selectively cull – if at all. I was surprised about this. It appears that as I have a large Linkedin network, others in my network value that and I am a hub for them to reach others.

There was a strong argument for keeping my large network on Linkedin intact – my needs may change in the future. If your role was in sales or recruitment, where being able to reach as many people as possible was vital, then I can see the rationale for playing the numbers game on LinkedIn.

The decision I did take was to be more selective about whose request to connect I accepted. I’ve had some interesting conversations AND started some potentially valuable conversations as a result of asking people, in a very nice way, what has prompted them to connect. If you would like some FREE templates to help you build a great LinkedIn professional headline and summary, see here

What’s your view, is Linkedin a number’s game?