In “What can Strategic marketing alliances do for professionals?” (click here if you want to read it) we talked about the reasons that every professional should consider having strategic marketing alliances as part of their lead generation activities. This article addresses the next step…

Where do I start if I want a range of strategic alliances?

  1. You already have! In thinking about a range of alliances, you’ve made a leap from random lead swapping to being more strategic.
  2. It’s essential to offering something to clients that they want and see a reason for you helping them with. Just because an architect wants to work with a great will writer, doesn’t mean clients can see the connection.
  3. You need to develop a supplier relationship. In the ‘Your guide to your-7-part-guide-to-strategically-managing-relationships’ (click if you haven’t read it) Heather talks about level 5 – the inner circle. A few trusted people you have got very close to, this is where such relationships need to be for alliances to work well. The relationship is key to making this work.

Where does it all go wrong?

Does it sound too easy? Some professionals struggle getting the relationship beyond level 3. Both parties like the idea, yet it seems as if both aren’t working equally towards it at the same rate.

Focus on what it could be worth to both parties and then on developing the relationship.

If the other party doesn’t want to move forward at the same rate as you, don’t worry. It’s like developing new clients; you wouldn’t only work on one at once would you?

At what point are you warranting somebody else’s work and are there implications? I’d suggest that this isn’t as large a problem as many make out, certainly at the simple level, “Several clients have used xxx” isn’t a warranty on your part to the work.

The steps to building your strategic marketing alliance

  1. Identify types of professions you could work with
  2. Identify things that your clients want, from you, that are not easy for you to provide
  3. Set an income target for what this process means to you
  4. Identify a range of people you could work with and the steps needed to develop the relationship from level 1 to level 3
  5. Outline the idea with them and ensure that you both are taking actions towards the joint goal. If they have no “skin in the game” it won’t get going.
  6. You’re already working towards level 4, how can you ensure the relationship does well at that level and then onto level 5? That’s when it works really well. Re-read “your guide to your-7-part-guide-to-strategically-managing-relationships
  7. Review, adjust, review

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What strategic marketing alliances have you seen working between firms?

Jon BakerJon Baker is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Experienced Public Speaker who specialises in working with partners and potential partners from small firms – typically up to 10 partner practices. He helps the professionals with 5 to 50 staff improve their performance and grow their firm, sustainably, profitably and whilst enjoying the experience.

Need more referrals? Then download our free short guide (email required) with over 50 tried and tested tips to generate more referrals. 

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