Every time someone meets you for the first time they form an impression. Their impression is created by their previous experiences, values, beliefs and attitudes. You can’t stop this impression being quickly built – it’s how we are hard-wired.

The places which people are going to meet you for the first time, include:

Your voicemail
Your social media presence – particularly your LinkedIn profile
Via a Google search of your name
In person
I’ve blogged many times about the first impression you make face-to-face and on-line, but never about your voicemail.

What impression do you think that the following scenarios create?

You apologise on your message for not being able to take their call?
Your voicemail is clearly out of date
You sound bored and lifeless as if you are reading a script
You leave your mobile phone service provider’s standard voicemail message
I’m guessing they are not the impression you would like to leave. So, ring your number – does the message match the impression and personal brand that you would like to leave callers with?

Some pointers for you:

What do you want callers to do after listening to the voicemail?
How do you want to come across and sound?
How quickly will you get back to callers? Or will you get back to them?
How can you show that you care about the caller?
What do you hate about voicemail messages?

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