How you view your career affects how well you do, so view it the right way!

I was having a conversation with a business contact I have known and respected for some years now, we hadn’t met for a while so the first question was the inevitable:

Her response made me feel rather sad, as she apologetically said “well actually it’s rather quiet”. Now, as you know from , my article (The dangerously common LIE when meeting people) I would far rather somebody gave me an honest answer than some supposedly clever bull****, but this response was sad.

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Don’t be ashamed

Ashamed suggests that you are comparing your performance to something and not doing as well as you think you ought to.

So what was the matter?

After chatting for a while I discovered that she was achieving what she set out to achieve this year, so she is actually doing well. That’s what made me feel sad!

Choose your comparator carefully

She was achieving everything she set out to, but felt bad because…..she was starting to listen to what others said she ought to be doing!

The real problem with an external comparator, rather than an internal one (such as your performance against your target, or your needs) is that it can leave one feeling down, for no reason.

When people feel bad they tend to look/ sound negative  (which potential clients can spot and are put off by) or lie when talking to people (never a good idea and also can be spotted).

Performance against your own, realistic, targets.

If you’re performing well against an internal comparator, well done. If not you can start to work on some plans that are meaningful to you, rather than somebody else’s ego.

Who really cares whether you are managing the same amount of business as somebody else? Going down that route only leads to feeling bad, or showing off.

Set goals and plans to achieve them

  • Review progress and adjust what you do accordingly.
  • Be always stepping forward with positive actions to achieve your realistic goals

If you want some help with ideas to review your progress and adjust what you do, feel free to call.

How are you doing this year and how do you feel about your performance?

Are you just tired or are you burning out? Find out by clicking here to take our burnout self-assessment. (email required)

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