I need to be more than a great technician

Can membership of Progress to Partner really help me to get to grips with business development and start winning work?

These courses in Progress to Partner Academy will help you get into the right mindset and give you the confidence to get out there and start networking and winning work for yourself and for the firm

“Progress to Partner Academy has more to offer than our 14 courses!

There are also recordings of past webinars and workshops for you to listen to and learn from  when you need them. 

How to develop work from existing clients
How to use blog posts to generate reliable and good-quality work
How to structure your business development activity
How to build a team of introducers that regularly send you work.
How to generate a lead and get prospects over the line
Increase your bid/tender rate
How to win work in 30 minutes without leaving your house
How to get noticed and grow your profile in an authentic way
How to build a team of introduces that regularly send you work 
How to go from coffees to instructions
How to become a rainmaker when you’re known as a great technician
How to be seen by your partners as sharp, commercial and future partner material
How to make the time for business development

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Progress to Partner’s self-study courses will show you

How to be seen as a true Go-To Expert both within your firm and externally, so work comes naturally to you
How you can grow your own partner-sized client portfolio and be seen as a rainmaker
How to come out of your partner’s shadow
How to not spend hours on business development but still win work
How to demonstrate you think and act commercially so your partners are desperate to have you around the partnership table

Read on to find out about Progress to Partner’s self-study courses and guides:

Are you working every day/week/month on business development activities?
Do you have a business development plan?
Do you even know where to start?
How would you feel to have at your fingertips checklists, guides, short recordings and self-study courses so that you could focus exactly where you need to each day, week and month of your career?

Tax Director – UK

“Once again, thank you so much for your advice, support and guidance – our Managing Partner (sponsoring partner) said you are doing an incredible job as all 5 of the partners have noticed a marked change in my mindset over the last 3 months or so, from focusing on me and my team, to focusing on growing the business.”

The courses, guides and workbooks in the Progress to Partner Academy will help you make the time to work on your career…and work on the right things to get noticed as “one to watch” ahead of your peers

You can log-in to work through a self-study course module, read a guide, watch a video and steadily go through the workbooks in the Progress to Partner Academy.

You will have all the tools you need to be able to progress in your career.

You will get noticed! Your colleagues will be looking at you, getting ahead and wondering how you are doing it!

It’s like having a Netflix account for your career – find what you need to watch or read at the time you need it. You’ll have everything you need right there, it’s like a “go faster” button for your career. You can stop searching the entire internet (and not finding what you need). Buy your Premium membership for just £290 for 12 months here

If you want to get noticed as partner material you need to start thinking like a partner from today.

That means being able to win work for yourself and the firm. Making partner is about so much more than technical ability. 
You also need to be winning regular work.  You need to know how to become a rainmaker.

If you’re relying on your firm to put you on a training course you could be in for a shock.  Take control of your own development  so you know you are doing everything you can to progress your career and get ahead of your peers.
Stop keeping your head down and hoping you’ll be noticed.  It doesn’t work like that!
Stop waiting for your firm to decide whether or  not you should progress.

How will you get started in Progress to Partner Academy?

The good thing about Progress to Partner is that you can use it whenever you like, at any time of the day – all the resources are waiting for you to use.

Our live Workshops which are free to attend for our Premium level members are  run at least twice and usually 3 times (live!) on the same day so there will usually be a time that will work for you.  The recordings are also added into the Progress to Partner site so that you can listen at a time that works for you.

The first thing we would suggest you do as a new member is to take our Partnership Readiness Assessment, so that you can get an idea of the key areas on which you need to focus.
Then we would direct you to the first self-study course-  How to Truly Commit to Working on Your Career.

We send weekly emails to our members with advice and suggestions of resources to read/watch/work on that week.

There are Game Plans you can work through (guides, recordings, course sections from all over the membership site ) including:
Game Plan if you’re a good technician but need to work on your client portfolio
Game Plan if you are 1-3 years from making partner
WEEKLY emails with suggestions for reading or a recording to listen to  – just enough to keep you going and making sure you are working on your career each week.

Tax Director – UK

I really do wish I had signed up with you earlier, but I am delighted that I made the decision to join Progress To Partner …! The Managing Partner said I am a hot topic at partner meetings as they have noticed a huge change in my focus and are receiving excellent feedback from their own contacts.”

You’ll also be able to listen to our Quick Wins – short videos that get straight to the point when you don’t even have time to listen to a 30-minute webinar:

How to find and monetise your niche
How to use LinkedIn to get noticed
How to make the best out of a secondment opportunity
How to use blog posts to generate reliable and good quality work
Choosing a different niche when yours has radically declined
How to get the referral, not the partner?
How do I generate business when I can’t meet people for coffee

PLUS there are our downloadable guides and workbooks available for you to read and digest. These resources have been designed to help you think in the right way

Blogging made easy
Guide to creating a marketing plan
Guide to content planning 
guide to creating a networking plan
Guide to creating your LinkedIn profile
The reluctant business developers guide to winning clients
Choosing your niche worksheet
LinkedIn :10 point profile checklist

New Partner

Heather and the Team… shone a light on progression and, once the penny dropped, it was clear what I had to do – stop thinking about my own workload and winning work for me and start thinking about “our” firm and winning work for our team.

There are even self-study courses to work through when you need to find the time to work on your own career and to make the time for Business Development:

Progress To Partner Membership

Access your Premium membership for just £290 for 12 months here


How can we help you?

If you would like to explore how our courses and corporate membership program, Progress to Partner, can support the professional growth and development of your team, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

Why Choose Us As Your Career Partner

Develop at Your Own Pace

Whether you are still preparing, actively working towards partnership or are getting ready for the presentation, we offer a level of service.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Partnership requires a variety of personal and technical skills. Play to your strengths and cover your weaknesses, track progress with our assessments.

Coach Led Programs

Our team is vastly experienced and can often unlock progress to partner with a switch of mindset. The insights and aha moments are what we look for.

Entry Level Program

Preparing early for Partner is by far the easiest way to get there in the end. In small and subtle ways at first, your skills and reputation inside the business emerges. Give yourself time.

Premium Monthly

This is often for the sprint, cramming and final preparation. If you only need to work on a specific area for a short period then this is the level of membership that lets you do that.

Premium Annual

If you have decided on the path to partnership and are actively taking steps, this program gets you access to everything, and us. Work through the areas of your assessment with us to guide you.

Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend is the leading global expert in what it takes to move from senior fee earner to partner – and when you get there, stay there. She regularly runs programmes to help fee earners take the step up to partner, and establish themselves as a new partner, for mid-tier law, accountancy and consultancy firms. It just so happens that she is rather good (and not really that modest either!) in helping individuals successfully market and sell themselves. Just the skills you need when you are aiming to grow your client portfolio AND make it to partner.

In fact, her clients have added over £1 million in fees to their client portfolio in the last year. Heather often works with private clients who want to drive their own career (regardless of the development options offered by their firm) via her Progress To Partner membership site. The membership site helps lawyers, accountants and consultants to:

  • Find the time to work ON their career development and business development
  • Grow their client portfolio
  • Develop a strong personal case so that they are seen as the next partner
  • Get onto partner track rather than been seen as only a “safe pair of hands”
  • Build, write and pitch their business case
  • Prepare for the partnership panel interviews

She is the author of 6 books including ‘How to make partner and still have a life‘ (co-authored with Jo Larbie), ‘Poised for partnership‘, ‘The Financial Times guide to business networking‘ and ‘The Go-To Expert‘. Her books have sold over 20,000 copies globally and been translated into over 6 different languages and attracted over 200 five star reviews on Amazon.Her coaching style has been described as challenging, friendly but very supportive.