Course Level

Manager, Associate, Senior Manager, Senior Associate, Director, Partner


12 – 18 hours


Go-To Expert, Referral Networks, Business Development Habit, Business Case

To progress your career in practice, you need to move from being a great technician into someone who can be relied upon to win good quality work. To do that, you will need to differentiate yourselves from your peers AND the more experienced members of your practice. Not an easy task! This course gives you a simple jargon-free step-by- step process to be seen as THE expert to call. By taking this course you will discover simple steps to build your profile, how to grow your reputation and differentiate yourself from the competition and win new business.

The course contains 8 modules. Each module contains a video (which can be accessed from this workbook) with exercises to complete after each video. By the end of the course you will:

  • Have chosen your specialism and know how to market yourself to generate the right type of work for yourself and the firm as a whole
  • Have a plan to raise your visibility so you are the first person your network thinks about when they have a good referral for you
  • Know exactly what to do to move from coffees to instructions (i.e. how to routinely generate work from your network)
  • Have explored the sales process and know what you need to do personally to convert the right leads into sales
  • Know how to set your prices so that your profitability increases and your ability to convert clients increases
  • Have worked out how you will achieve the demands of your day job and progress your business development plan

Course Content

  1. Business development basics
  2. How to choose your niche
  3. Content marketing
  4. How to get referrals from your network
  5. Using LinkedIn
  6. How to convert prospects into clients
  7. Pricing
  8. How to make time for business development


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