We help professionals in practice like you to make partner and when they get there, stay there.

We help professionals in practice like you to make partner. We can tell you what you need to work on in order to get noticed as “partner-material”. We know that making partner is more than just meeting your targets and being a great technician.

Whether you are an ambitious professional or a partner looking to invest in your rising stars, we are committed to help you:

  • Demystify what it means to make partner and give you the confidence and clarity to progress your career
  • Eliminate your self-doubt, and increase your inner confidence and self-esteem so you are able to just ‘go for it’
  • Get back in control of your time so you can achieve your business and personal goals
  • Learn to become a rainmaker and build up a partner-sized client portfolio
  • Realise your potential and be seen as ‘the one to watch’
  • Build up a cast-iron business case for partnership
  • Finally achieve your ambition of making partner

Lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors and consultants. People just like you. You need career advice from people who understand exactly what it’s like, working in a professional service firm, with targets to meet and no time to work on your career.

We have created the Progress to Partner subscriber-only membership site with courses, guides and videos to show you everything you need to do and all the skills you need to have in order to show that you are ready to make partner.

Membership starts at just £35+VAT for 12 months. Premium membership is £290 +VAT for indviduals.

Firms who are keen to develop their team can take out group membership – find out more at Progress to Partner for Teams

We understand how it feels to

  • Work extremely hard for little recognition or appreciation
  • Be seen as a work asset to be sweated not developed
  • See more junior members of staff get promoted ahead of you
  • Hear someone else take all the credit for your own work
  • Not get the promotion or pay rise you deserve but see a team member get it instead. Particularly when you know you are technically much better than them.
  • Not know what you need to do to move your career forward
  • Hit your head against a brick wall when others are progressing their career faster than you by not playing by the rules

Our Coaches

Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend is the leading global expert in what it takes to move from senior fee earner to partner – and when you get there, stay there.

Vikki Bentwood

Vikki Bentwood, former head of marketing and business development for independent law firms, has over 18 years of experience helping lawyers, partners and senior professionals in practice grow their client portfolios.

Kate Clover

Kate Clover has spent the last 15 years helping accountants and lawyers progress their careers in practice. For many years she ran the emerging leaders development programmes at a large growing law firm.

Susan Heaton-Wright

Susan Heaton-Wright is a virtual impact, communications and speaking expert for emerging leaders. She is an international speaker, podcaster and former international opera singer.

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