Partner – BLM LLP

“Thank you very much indeed for your significant help and support – as a result of your guidance, I felt incredibly confident in submitting my business plan and then giving my presentation and interview. In the days after the presentation and interview, I had some very positive feedback from the partners who interviewed me, saying that my performance was “outstanding” and that my presentation was “very slick and professional” – I doubt it would have been without your advice and guidance. I gained so much confidence from working with you, and I am extremely grateful.”

Partner – HFW LLP

“Before I started working with Heather, I was well-respected and seen as a ‘safe pair of hands but struggling to build my practice. Heather’s input and guidance were instrumental in helping me grow my profile both internally and externally and maximise the opportunities to sell me in my business case for a partner. As a result of working with Heather, I made partner 18 months later and have almost doubled my client portfolio.”

Partner – Consultancy Firm

“I’ve only gone through a small portion of the material so far, and it’s spot on.”

Partner – Mazars

“As a result of the help and support I received from my coach, the feedback I got from my firm at each stage of the process was that I was an outstanding candidate. And yes, I did get through the first time of asking. I was one of only 2 partners which were made up across the whole of our global firm.”

EY VAT Director

“Good news – I got promoted to VAT Director effective from 1 October 2022. Thank you for helping me to get through this process.”

New EY Partner (about the BOOK: How to Make Partner & Still Have a Life)

“I would strongly recommend senior managers; directors to use this book at the earlier stage to start the journey towards partnership.”

Ex-PwC Partner UK (about the BOOK: How to Make Partner & Still Have a Life)

“I wish I had read this book two years ago.”

Discover the areas you need to focus on to increase your chances of making Partner

The questions used in this test have guided 100s of people successfully to make Partner in their Accountancy, Legal and Consultancy firm. It has been designed to help you reflect and prioritise what areas to address first.

Our executive coaches often use this assessment to start working with their clients who are keen to make it to partner.

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