Course Level

Senior Managers, Senior Associates, Directors


12 hours


Business Case, Partnership Admissions Process

Don’t even think about writing your Business Case for Partner over a weekend!

Can you imagine being asked to present your Business Case to make partner in less than a week? This happens more often than you think! (Even if your firm is really well organised)

Not only that, you’re probably not even told (much) about what to put in it.

This course will take you through the steps you need to take to create, write and pitch your Business Case for partnership.

The Progress to Partner on-demand course on Building a cast-iron Business Case for partner will take you through the steps you need to take to work steadily but determinedly towards presenting your Business Case for partner

The Problems

  • By the time you’re actually asked to present your Business Case, it’s far too late to start building one
  • No one teaches you how to put together a compelling Business Case. You are often just expected to know what to do and write.
  • You’re expecting someone in your firm to tell you what you need to put into your Business Case
  • Your Business Case is unique to your situation. So using someone else’s written Business Case submission as a template can reduce the impact of your Business Case.

With this self-study course, you’ll be cutting through the rumours and the guessing about when to get started and what to put in your business case for partner.

You’ll feel confident that you are building the best possible business case for partner that you can Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner.

You will get:

  • A downloadable Workbook that will take you, step by step, through exercises that will create your business case for partner

A series of videos and tools to help you create your 3-year strategy:

  • Create your 3-year strategy.
  • Create your 1-year plan.
  • Write out your business case

Purchase the on-demand Build your Cast-Iron Business case for partner course and feel confident that you are doing everything you can and have everything you need, whether you’re 3 years or even less than 1 year out from making partner.

You can have this as well as all the other courses plus support in the private members’ Facebook Group as a member of Progress to Partner.

Course Content

  1. What makes a good business case for partnership
  2. Do your research
  3. Creating your 3-year strategy
  4. Create your 1-year plan
  5. Writing out your Business Case


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