Course Level

Managers, Associates, Senior Managers, Senior Associates, Directors, Partners


12 – 18 hours


Delegation, Personal Case, Member of the club

To progress your career in practice you will need to take on the counselling manager or line manager role. If you work in a partnership environment, there is a strong possibility that your firm operates a matrix structure.

This means that there is a pool of junior resource for any partner or senior fee earner to use.

As a result, you may have limited day-to-day interaction with your direct reports. This course gives you the skill and mindset to become the line manager who is able to get the best out of their people.

The course contains 7 modules. Each module contains a number of videos (which can be accessed from the accompanying workbook) with exercises to complete after each video. By the end of the course you will have:

  • Understood the role and purpose of a line manager and how that changes if you operate in a matrix structure
  • Diarised regular touchpoints with your direct reports to help keep them feeling supported and motivated
  • Practised giving feedback in a way that results in behavioural change
  • Put together a development plan in conjunction with one of your direct reports
  • Understood what it takes to motivate your direct reports
  • Set motivating targets with your direct reports

Course Content

  1. What does it mean to be a line manager in a professional firm?
  2. Target setting and touchpoints
  3. Psychological safety
  4. Giving feedback whilst maintaining psychological safety
  5. Motivating your direct reports
  6. Creating a development plan and your ONE BIG FOCUS
  7. Coaching skills


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