This on-demand course will help you put together your personal development plan. This plan may be called different things in your firm, e.g. your career development plan, career action plan, development plan, PDP, and career development plan. Regardless of its name, this plan will give you the structure, clarity, and guidance to gain the skills, knowledge, mindset, and experience to take your career to the next stage or level.

This course contains 2 modules. Each module contains a video (which can be accessed from this workbook) with exercises to complete after each video. By the end of the course you will have:

  • Created a personal development plan which will help you progress your career forward
  • Identified where you have areas to develop to progress your career forward
  • Identified which habits you need to stop, start or continue to support you to implement your personal development plan
  • Have set a ONE BIG FOCUS to focus on WHAT you will do for the next 90 days to progress your personal development plan.

Course Content

  1. How to identify your development needs
  2. Goals vs Systems and how to form healthy habits


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