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You have to drive your career. Your firm won’t do that for you. Your partners will not be thinking about your career 24/7.⁠
⁠If you want to make it all the way to partner in your firm, you need to DO SOMETHING actively. It’s not going to land on your lap!⁠

If you want to be noticed as future Partnership material, then join Progress To Partner online Academy

Progress to Partner Academy has everything you need to build your partner-ready skills

It’s tough to hear, but keeping your head down and working hard won’t get you noticed! 

My Progress to Partner academy members know exactly where they need to focus to get noticed as partner-material each day, week and month of their career.⁠

Isn’t it about time that you did?⁠

The training & advice you won’t get from your firm is yours when you join my online Progress to Partner Academy.

Unlock Premium “all-access” Progress to Partner Academy for just £290 for 12 months (click here) .

You will get online access to 14 self-study courses, plus over 100 short and long videos packed full of advice to build the skills you need to get noticed as “one to watch” ahead of your peers

Our members learn what it takes to get noticed as “one to watch” & are supported along the way

Join Progress to Partner online Academy and you will have immediate full access to all our self-study courses (premium members), guides, exclusive videos and discounted coaching to help you reach partner. You’ll also be able to attend our virtual workshops at no extra charge.

The great thing about Progress to Partner Academy is that you can use it whenever you like, at any time of the day – all the resources are waiting for you to use.

As soon as you purchase your membership, we will send you a separate email with all your login-details. You’d log-in and then head here:

iIt’s like having a trusted colleague, a mentor and a coach all in one place! Make the firm notice you! You will get the skills and knowledge about what the partners are really looking for when you join Progress to Partner Academy. If you join and then decide it isn’t for you within 7 days, we will happily give you a full refund.

Remember you will have 12-months to explore and digest the resources and information that we have put in the Progress to Partner Academy for you.

Unlock Premium “all-access” Progress to Partner Academy for just £290 for 12 months (click here) .

You will be advised to get started with the first self-study course- How to Truly Commit to Moving Your Career Forward.

Once you’ve worked through the How to Truly Commit to Moving your Career Forward course, take a look at our Game Plans and pick the one that most resonates. (they include…I need help to raise my profile, I need help to lead & manage my team, I am 3+ years from making partner…I am 4+ years from making partner)

Our live Workshops which are free to attend for our Premium level members are run at least twice and usually 3 times (live!) on the same day so there will usually be a time that will work for you.

The recordings are also added into the Progress to Partner site so that you can listen at a time that works for you.

You will also receive a weekly email newsletter with advice and suggestions of resources to read/watch/work on that week.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the 3 membership options available.

To unlock  12-months access to my resources (videos, recordings, guides, newsletter) that will guide and show you what you really need to do to get noticed in your firm – join my Progress to Partner online Academy (membership starts at just £35+VAT for 12 months access (sign up for Basic membership here )

Premium members also unlock access to our 14 self-study courses including The Go-To Expert, Creating A Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner, How to Delegate Like a Pro, How to Lead & Manage a Team and How To Be On Your A-Game Every Day. Join as a Premium member for just £290 today  and login to your Dashboard to get started.

  • Look at those people – who are not as technically strong as you – but progressing faster.
  • What are they doing that you are not?
  • They are taking action! They have quite simply taken control of their own career development and their own career progression.
  • They are not waiting for the partners to notice how well they are hitting their targets and put them forward for training!

If you’re sitting, waiting patiently to be noticed , you will end up being seen as “as safe pair of hands”.

It’s never too early to start preparing for partnership. It will take you years to master some of the skills and habits you need to become a partner at your firm. The earlier you start, the stronger candidate you will be.  Join Progress to Partner Academy as a Premium member for just £290 today  . If you join and then decide it isn’t for you within 7 days, we will happily give you a full refund.