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You can stop watching others succeed and stop wondering what you need to do to get noticed for partner-track

You can take control of your own career development when you know what you need to focus on to get noticed as “one to watch”.

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Accountants, Lawyers, Consultants and other professionals in practice trust How To Make Partner to progress their careers. Created by Heather Townsend (author of Poised for Partnership and co-author of How to Make Partner & Still have a Life), we are the leading global organisation solely dedicated to developing professionals to learn the skills needed to be successful in partnerships.

Why Choose Us

We help professionals in practice like you to make partner – and when they get there, stay there.

Lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors and consultants. People just like you need and deserve career advice from people who understand exactly what it’s like, working in a professional service firm, with targets to meet and no time to work on your career.

You make sure your clients get the best advice, so why not get the best advice from the experts in helping you progress your career in professional services.


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make it to partner in the top 6 accountancy firms, 20+ law firms from the UK top 100 law firms as well as 7 out of the top 10 consulting firms.

Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants

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How much would your career progress if you were able to…

Free up some of your time to focus solely on what you need to do to progress your career?

  • Delegate to your trusted group of juniors so you are confident the work will still get done in time
  • Create your own career development plan. If you follow it to the letter your plan will accelerate your career all the way to partner
  • Come out of your partner’s shadow so you can grow your own partner-sized client portfolio and be seen as a rainmaker
  • Be seen as a true Go-To Expert both within your firm and externally, so work comes naturally to you… rather than you having to spend hours you haven’t got on business development
  • Grow your profile and reputation so your partners talk about you as ‘the next partner’
  • Demonstrate you think and act commercially so your partners are desperate to have you around the partnership table

Our Progress To Partner subscriber-only site has self-study courses, guides, videos and coaching all aimed to help you reach partner. Membership is like having a trusted colleague, a mentor and a coach all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of paying for your own coach. Buy your Premium membership for just £290 for 12 months here

  • Look at those people – who are not as technically strong as you – but who are progressing faster than you. They have taken action!
  • Take control of your own development and your career progression.
  • Progress to Partner Premium membership gives you full access to all our self-study courses, guides, exclusive videos and discounted coaching to help you reach partner. You’ll also be able to attend our virtual workshops with no extra charge. Buy your Premium membership for just £290 for 12 months here
  • Basic membership starts at just £35+VAT for 12 months
  • Find out more here: www.howtomakepartner.com/get-progress-to-partner

Progress To Partner Membership

Access your Premium membership for just £290 for 12 months here


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