In yesterday’s post we looked at ways to identify if you are lacking in career ambition. In today’s post we look at the many reasons why you may have lost your career ambition:

1. Bored

2. Don’t trust your firm

3. Don’t trust your partner

4. Don’t trust your mentor

5. Don’t trust your counseling/line/staff/appraising manager

6. Don’t want to make any sacrifices to progress your career

7. Don’t know how to market yourself

8. Don’t have any appetite to market yourself

9. Don’t know how to communicate your personal brand to the people who matter

10. Don’t know how to show your strengths to others

11. Analysing everything to death

12. Too deep in your career comfort zone

13. Waiting for things to happen

14. Expecting others to make things happen

15. Not prepared to take a chance on your career

16. Large changes happening in your personal life, e.g. getting married, getting divorced, bereavement

17. Know you are in the wrong job

18. Too stressed

19. Worried that you will lose your job

20. Waiting until your firm does lay you off

21. Know you are in the wrong profession

22. Having a tough time with a client or series of clients

23. Struggling to acquire the new skills required in your role or the next role up

24. Sleep deprived

25. Clinically depressed

26. Suffering from a long term illness, such as chronic fatigue syndrome

27. Waiting for your boss or someone else to retire or leave the firm so you can have their job

What else would you add to this list?