FREE Webinar: How to build a cast-iron Business Case for Partnership

Date: 16th May 2016, 12 pm BST or 6 pm BST We are going to show you:  

  • The 2 things that your business case must clearly demonstrate for your partners to vote you into the partnership
  • The common missing 4 elements from most prospective partner’s business case – which radically reduce the effectiveness and impact of your business case for partner
  • How to demonstrate a business case if you are presently in industry and wanting to make partner
  • What extra elements need to be in your business case if you are a lateral rather than an internal hire

Register 6pm 250x250 Register 12pm 250 x250 Thank you for running the webinar this evening – I thought it was clear, specific and very helpful. Thanks so much for putting the Webinar together – incredibly useful in terms of focusing one’s mind!

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