Changing the word impossible to possible.

This post is taken from a transcript of one of my recent webinars on “how to win your first client…..and then your second and third”.   You can listen to the section of the recording and view the slides here Heather (HT): Be aware that what we’re suggesting you need to do to start winning your own clients, is to take away all the stuff about BD, this is about personal change. You have to create a habit, now think about how you successfully created other habits before, and some of these will work for you, some of these won’t work for you; but what has worked for you before?  Accountability – Who are you going to tell?  Work with a coach or mentor, this works with me exceptionally well, and this is often the benefit of coaching. Diarise it – That’s what you do John really well, you’ve got a really messy diary because it’s got ‘Contact this person/contact that person/haven’t heard from that person’, I wish I was better at doing that as you are.  I’m getting there, Lisa tends to do that for me. Link a habit with a trigger – One of my favourites.  For example, for me I’ve been trying to get more in the habit of mindfulness, so I tend to do that every time I get into bed, I do a session of mindfulness, it’s helping me to get to sleep a lot quicker. Measuring and monitoring  Set yourself some targets, but know your why’s.


  • Don’t try to be all things to all people, choose a niche to specialise in.
  • Create the business development habit, make it part of your day job.
  • Remember the 5P’s; Plan, Prioritise, Pace, Push down, Prospects list.
  • It’s your job to be curious with clients and prospects. Look and listen for opportunities, but it’s got to be an opportunity for them, not for you.
  • Remember to understand the buying journey your ideal client will take.

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