This blog post was taken from the transcript of our recent webinar “How to become a rainmaker when you are known as a great technician”.    Heather was asked how to find the time for business development…. HT: We talk about the 5P’s… Have a plan. If you’re holding it up in your head, if it’s not written down, if it’s something that’s an intention, it’s probably not going to get done and you’re going to slip back into your comfort zone of doing client work. Prioritise. Don’t waste your time on no-hopers, either introducers or potential clients which will go nowhere.  Prioritise, are these the sort of people you want to be dealing with?  Often people who are struggling with business development tend to be working on opportunities that have a very low possibility of turning up, and then people get disheartened, so take a hard look at what you’re doing. ake sure you’ve got the prospect or target list to focus your efforts. It really helps you if you’re getting the right messages, it gives you a good mindset with the right people. Pace If you’ve got a busy day job you’re not going to be able to suddenly devote all your diary to business development, so what are the priorities?  What are the things which will make the biggest difference, with the least amount of input from you? Push down, delegate, you’ve got to free-up that time, it’s got to come from somewhere so what things can you push down to the more junior? It is now part of that mindset shift, business development is now part of your day job, or, you’re not ready for partnership.  That came from the Head of Talent for a Magic Circle firm who was looking after the emerging leaders.

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