• Your login details for the webinar: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FINALLY MAKE PARTNER 2nd May 2017 FREE training on how to get off to a fast start as a new partner. With Heather Townsend and John Moss Thank you for registering for the ‘What to do when you finally make partner’ webinar. Your login details…


  • How to Make the Move From Industry Into Practice

    How to Make the Move From Industry Into Practice

    It’s not uncommon for individuals in industry to want to realign their goals and aim for partnership. However, if you want to successfully facilitate this career change, you must first consider a) if this is the right decision for you and b) how you intend to transition from industry to practice. Throughout this article, we…


  • 5 ways to grow your own profile, and blow your own trumpet… in an authentic way

    This blog post was taken from the transcript of our recent webinar “How to become a rainmaker when you are known as a great technician”. John Moss (JM): Let’s talk about some of the small things you can do to grow your profile, and do that in a way that’s authentic to you. Get involved…


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