I went swimming this morning. As an opening line, it hardly grabs you does it? No, I WENT swimming this morning… still not grabbing you is it?

So, what’s the back story to this statement? For the last six months my wonderful business partner, Jon has been nagging me to go swimming (in order to help de-stress me). But, I have been ignoring him and have definitely not gone swimming. However, today I finally yielded to the nagging and went swimming this morning.

This isn’t a blog where I am asking you to congratulate me – as one swimming session isn’t going to make a blind bit of different. (However, 6 months of swimming once a week, will start to make a difference. )

This isn’t even a blog about how I lecture you on why exercise and keeping your weight down is a good thing. (It is by the way). (If you want some ideas on how to keep your resolutions or goals this year, then read How to keep your new year’s resolutions – Part 1 & Part 2)

The point of this blog is that I chose to go swimming this morning. It was on my terms and when I wanted to go rather than someone else putting it in my diary or nagging me to go. Very often we nag and tell our staff to change behaviours. It’s only when they are motivated to do it, and on their terms will they embrace it and make sustainable behavioural change. Otherwise, when your back is turned, they will go back to doing it the way they always have done.

So, instead of telling a member of staff to change their behaviour or attitude, how about exploring what’s in it for them to make the change? Plus, and this is the important thing – not telling them how to make the change, but asking them how they will make the change and sustain it?

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