foundational habits

What do you need to do to make sure that you are performing your best? What are the foundational habits that you have to practice in order to achieve your goals? Here is a short video I have made talking about the 4 foundational habits everyone has to master if they are to be at their best every day, and achieve their goals. (Whether these goals are related to your work or career)

Getting to partner is an absolute marathon. And the question is, what is it you need to do to make sure you are performing at your best in order to get there? Now first and foremost, it is about, “Different strokes for different folks.” So if you’re motivated by goals, put that goal in, put that target in. But actually, it isn’t about the goal, it is about the underlying systems that help you achieve that goal. And those underlying systems, typically, there are four that you need. And they are what I call the Four Foundational Habits. They are, get enough sleep and it’s gotta be high-quality sleep. So what are the little things or the big things that you need to do to get enough sleep? So for me, I have to finish work by eight o’clock. As soon as I work past eight o’clock, my quality of sleep disappears. I need to finish work, stop thinking about work, and stop worrying by eight o’clock at night. The next foundation we’ll have, is you’ve gotta fuel yourself well. You’re not going to put poor quality fuel in your car and expect it to achieve great speeds and great fuel efficiency. It’s the same for you. It’s about putting enough water in, being hydrated. It is about putting the right food in you that is prioritizing unprocessed food, food that has got good levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. It’s not about favoring one of the macro-nutrients over the others. The next thing, of course, is about making sure you’re exercising. No, I’m not talking about running for five miles every day. I’m talking about making sure you’re moving, making sure that you’re getting up each hour and stretching and moving. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit still. For exercise-wise, yes, you do need to do half an hour where you’re getting slightly a raised heart-rate may be slightly out of breath. That can be a brisk walk. It doesn’t necessarily need to be all out I’m gonna run a marathon. The key thing is it’s sustainable. And then the last habit is recharge time. What do you do to switch off? What do you do to feed your soul? What do you do to do something that isn’t work-related? It’s about feeding your soul. This is about maybe dissipating adrenaline from your system by consciously relaxing. It might be that it’s exercise. The great thing about exercise is it produces serotonin. When you’ve got serotonin in your body, it gives clarity to you more, more clarity and thought to your brain. So actually, those Four Foundational Habits are sleep, eating good quality nutritious food, it is about exercise, and then it’s about recharge time. Build system-ed to make sure you’re doing those every day and you got the foundation then to do the career planning, to actually be at your best every day in order to make it to partner.  

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