In this short article I explain how you can make the seemingly impossible task of building a partner-sized client portfolio more manageable.

It was the final stretch at the end of an exhausting bike ride. I’d already clocked up 10 miles of hilly off-road riding. 

Before I could make it back home, I knew I had the hill of doom to climb. 

I resolved to be strong and see if I could cycle all the way up the steep hill. I had a plan to use my momentum to help me up the first part of the hill. Then sheer grit and determination would take me up the last bit. 

As I cycled towards the start of the hill, I missed the turning! With that miss, all the momentum I had gathered disappeared. 

I was literally tackling the hill from a standing start. 

But I was strong… or was I? As I started to cycle up the hill, I moved my gears into the lowest setting.

The hill loomed above me. It was tough going and I could see it was going to be tough for a while yet.

Something in my brain clicked. Enough is enough. . . 

I stopped cycling and walked my bike up to the top of the hill. 

So what can you take from this story to help you make it easier to tackle your task to build a partner-sized client portfolio?

  • The ‘hill’ is a metaphor for the large task you face when you need to build your own practice – often already exhausted by the demands of your day job.
  • The best way to tackle this ‘hill’ is to work towards a plan. When I was working to my plan, I was confident I could get up the hill.
  • With some momentum behind you, it is so much easier to cycle up a hill, and start to win work. You could generate this momentum either by being consistent with your business development routine or working with a mentor and coach to help you deliver on your business development plan.
  • Building your own practice does feel at times just like cycling up a steep hill.
  • When faced with a huge task, such as cycling up a huge hill, it helps to make smaller more manageable milestones. E.g. I will keep cycling until I get to the next tree, and then the next tree and so on
  • You will get set backs on your way to building your client portfolio. Just as I missed a turning on my bike, you will make mistakes or lose new client opportunities. The sooner you get back into the saddle, the easier it will become to build up your practice.

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