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How do I create my own client following? I’m often asked this question on a webinar. The truth is, it’s hard. But it’s not impossible. Time can be a constant enemy or an ally when it comes to networking. So the real question is, how do you create your own client following and still have a life outside work? Let me share with you an insightful tip on how to create your own client following and still have a life. Watch the video below:

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How do I create my own following?” And what people really mean is, “How do I create my own following, but have time to do it?” ‘Cause, after all, you have such a busy day job that having the time to go out and win your own clients and many, particularly law firms, expect that you’re going to be committed enough to do it in your own time. But what if you’ve got family responsibilities? What if you’ve maybe got quite a serious hobby? You just can’t be out every single night networking, every lunchtime networking because you’ve got a day job to do. What is the secret?

Be known for something

Well, the first thing is you’ve got to become known for something. If you try and be all things to everyone you’re going to really struggle. ‘Cause you can’t be everywhere. It’s very difficult to get your messaging pinpointed if you’re all things to all people. And actually, if you’re going to come out of the shadow of your partner, maybe some of the more senior people around you, you’ve got to have something that you’re going to get the work, not them. That means becoming known for something. So, what is going to be your expertise? It might just be something small. That might be a sector or something for a particular sector. For example, it might be wholesalers or retailers, if you’re maybe an auditor. Maybe it’s about real estate funds. One of the current members on the program, that’s what he does, real estate funds. It’s pretty niche. Guess what? He’s been asked to go and be promoted out of cycle because he’s got that known for an expertise. So that’s one thing, you’ve got to cast off the desire to be all things to all people. You actually need to be really quite focused on, “What is the sort of work I want and how am I going to get it?”

Do one thing daily

The next thing to think about is, “If I’ve only got a small amount of time, how am I going to use it properly?” That’s about doing one thing every day. Now we recommended that, of course, you have a plan so you know what you can do and focus it on that. We go into that in the third Live Mastery Call, on the How to Make Partner Program and module four goes very, very deep into helping you create that plan. Actually, one of the things with business development is because it’s seen as non-core it’s not billable, is it can take a long time. So, one of the things you really need is accountability to do a little bit every week. And that’s what be built into the How to Make Partner Program. A weekly nudge of “what are you going to do?” And it’s email coaching, you get that 52 weeks of the program, you’ll get that from me. And that’s what it’s about. To create your own client following is as much about knowing what to do, being focused on the sort of clients you’re going to go after, but more importantly, doing a little bit every day. And my How to Make Partner Program will give you that 52 weeks of accountability to change that mindset that you have towards business development. So, by the end of it, you will be winning your own work.

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