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How do you increase your profile at work? Very often you’ll hear and you’ll be told that to make partner, you have to raise your profile. But how do you do it? You might say, “Oh, let’s just have the results do the talking”. But the truth is, it doesn’t really work that way. In the video below, I share with you some simple tips on how to increase your profile at work effectively and be on that partner track faster. In the Progress to Partner Membership site,  we go deep into how to increase your profile at work.

So how do you increase your profile? And what do I mean by increase your profile? Very often you’ll be told, “If you’re going to make partner you got to increase your profile.” But what do we mean by increase your profile? Well, it’s about how memorable you are, about whether you’re remembered for the right reason. It’s about whether you’re talked about as the next director, associate partner, legal director or partner. To increase your profile at work is being talked about in that way and having people know your name, for the right reasons, So how do you increase your profile? Well, there are lots of things you can do, but the first thing you must not rely on is that your results will do the talking for you. It just doesn’t work that way. You know, it would be nice if it would work and the best people would float up to the top. But it doesn’t work that way. So, here are some simple tips.

If you get good feedback from a client, tell people about it.

Email it to your line manager, or maybe, to the lead person on that client. Just let them know, “really pleased to see that client was pleased with our bit of work.” First of all, if you’ve got any praise about yourself don’t hide it.

Secondly, walk to see the people you need to see, particularly in the big firms.

You have to physically get up. It’s good for your health as well. You’re going to physically get up and be seen by other people. And these little things, people are going to wonder who you are. Now if you’ve got a hot desk in the environment don’t always sit in the same place. Take the hot desk in other parts of the firm and you’ll soon get to know other people.

Next thing is, pick a mentor outside of your service line, outside of, maybe, your department.

Maybe if you’re, say a litigator, go to the real estate part of the practice or where are the influential people in your practice and ask for them to be your mentor. You know they might say no so you might have to ask a few people. Having those mentors, maybe one or two in different places, that you admire that are in different parts of the firm can really help.

Then, volunteer for high profile projects, volunteer for cross projects.

Now one of the things if you go on secondment that can be great for your career ’cause you get a really great knowledge of one client but actually you’re out of sight, out of mind. So, if you go on secondment, make sure that you’ve got an agreement to come back for the big staff meetings. Make sure that you’re having a phone call with key people every week in your team ’cause you really don’t want to be out of sight, out of mind.

Another way to grow your profile is to win referrals for other people around the firm.

It’s a great way of getting you known. And what we actually do in the Progress to Partner membership site is we get you to really think about “Who do I need to be known by? And how am I going to get known?” In other words, how do I increase my profile the right way? And we’re going to be starting that program soon. So, if you’re thinking about how to increase your profile at work come and have a look at it.

If you need to increase your profile at work in order to get noticed for partnership, then take a look at Progress to Partner Membership  – Over 15 years of training and resources supporting people’s career progression in practice bundled into a single location. Equip yourself with the skills needed to progress to partner, and when you get there, stay there.

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