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How do you not get overwhelmed when planning your career goal from senior manager to partner? Planning to get to the next stage of your career can be overwhelming, especially when you are on a track from being a senior manager to partner. So how do you not get overwhelmed? How do you handle the stress? (A great way is to have the support of experts (including me!) by becoming a member of the Progress to Partner Membership Site) In this video below, I share with you some insightful tips on how to manage stress and how to not get overwhelmed when planning to go from senior manager to partner.

When you think about your next step to partner, it can often seem to be massive. After all, you’re not unbusy are you as a director, senior manager, or senior associate. And actually, what you need to do is then take this massive step forward. There’s so much to do. You’ve gotta be able to lead a team and win your own portfolio of work. Be seen as one to watch, you need to have a network inside and outside of the firm. You need to be doing leadership stuff to help the (sighing). Anybody else feeling tired? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? And that’s the reality when you’ve got to take such a big step in your career. It’s a massive transition.

Breaking down your tasks

So this is my top tip is you need to break it down and break it down into manageable chunks. That’s exactly what we’ve done on our How to Make Partner Program. We’ll stop you being overwhelmed. We will break down into what is exactly what I need to do. Then, we’ll codify it for you. And also, to stop yourself getting overwhelmed in busy periods, you get stifled where you don’t know what to do, actually, I will touch base with you once a week to kind of go, how’s it going, what’s going on? And, yeah, that will happen. You know, you will get those nudges every single week to move yourself forward. So, that’s my top tip. If you’re starting to get overwhelmed by what you need to do, break it down into manageable chunks. That is how you actually start progressing towards your career. Break it down into manageable chunks, do a little bit every day.

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