… let it be my new book… The Go-To Expert. Yes, my third and possibly final published book, The Go-To Expert publishes tomorrow.

Why should I buy the Go-To Expert?

The question you may ask is ‘why should I buy this book?’ I like to think that the review kindly given to the book by Steve Kuncewicz, Head of IP and Media at Bermans LLP probably says most of what I would like to say about the book… “Like so many Lawyers struggling to come to grips with the new environment in which we work and the increased need to find my own instructions, I have a shelf full of books which claim to point me in the right direction. Although my intentions are good, I’ve only ever managed to get through a few of them due to the fact that they have an alarming tendency to be full of buzzwords with and light on specific advice on what steps to take to start changing your fortunes right away. The Go-To-Expert” has no such problems. It is written very much as a “business case” in its own right and not only equips you with the tools you need to succeed in our new multi-platform world but explains why each step is important and how it can ensure your survival and prosperity. It can be dipped in and out of to deal with a specific point or worked through (as I did) to take you through the process of making yourself truly stand out for all the right reasons. With helpful case studies to demonstrate how the suggested steps have worked for others and a straightforward prose style and tone which doesn’t leave you feeling baffled or indoctrinated, this is most importantly an easy and worthwhile read and is a sound basis for pretty much any personal development plan. And, if you don’t have a personal development plan, this book will tell you why you should. The Go-To-Expert covers every base you’ll need it to in achieving your goal of setting yourself apart from the competition and to be honest, you can’t afford to ignore it.” Steve Kuncewicz, Head of IP and Media, Bermans LLP In others words, this book’s specific actionable ‘buzzword free’ advice will take you further where many other sales and marketing books wouldn’t. As Steve mentioned, this book is for you if you need to:

  • develop a business case for partnership
  • grow a partner-sized client portfolio
  • find your own instructions
  • win new business without the need to cold call as clients will be attracted to you

If you would like to road test the book, then click on this link to read the introduction and first chapter of the book. Instantly. No registration needed. If you need further convincing that buying a copy of this book (under £20 at amazon at the moment), then read the review for the book by Peter Gillman, Chairman of Price Bailey LLP The Go To Expert is a great guide for aspiring professionals and reflects the changing world in which we operate. It is no longer good enough to be a very solid practitioner – you now need to be known for something and if that is as unique as possible so much the better. That isn’t just about career progress to the highest level your skills can take you, it may just be about keeping the job you’ve got

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