It an a world where supposedly actions speak louder than words, I wanted to spend a few moments in this short blog post, on what you should really be focusing on to make a difference to your career and the people around you. 

This is what is happening to me right now

I am sitting at my computer and the words are pouring out of me. The soundtrack to this blog post is unusually a piece of music I love. I say unusually, as I normally like complete quiet to write so I don’t get distracted. The music? “Let it go” from the movie Frozen. So, why this track?

I’ve come off a phone to my coach and the message from her was to literally “Let it go”. Hence the music.

You’ve guessed it, but stuff has been getting to me. The reality is that when you climb the ladder in your career and become more visible, not everyone will be happy for you. That’s life. Unfortunately, there is still a playground which you need to deal with – social media has just made it more visible and omnipresent. They say “rise above it“, “ignore them“, but that’s easier said than done. Particularly when you feel a sense of injustice. You have a choice. You can either choose to get bothered by the playground, or to let it go. But to let it go, you need a strong mindset.

Your mindset is key

Everyone will have an agenda for you; from your family to your life partner, to the folks at work and your network, and to your so called ‘friends’ in the playground of life. But the only agenda that really matters is what you want to do.

The only way to stay focused on what YOU want to do, is to develop a strong mindset. That mindset will drive your thoughts, which will in turn drive your behaviours, which will in turn drive your actions and then the outcomes you get. The more you repeat various thoughts in your head the more they become hard wired in your brain. So, the more you let something get to you, the more it will eat away at you over time. And yes, there will be days where stuff gets to you. That’s normal. What matters is how quickly you get back on the bike and refocused on what really matters to you. If that needs a night to sleep on it before you reply or a call with your coach, then do it. You owe it to yourself not to let an incident or set of experiences become the defining reason why you don’t make it to achieve your goal of making partner.

In summary

Don’t let your ambition and career be derailed by others! Put your head up high and remember the 3 Ws, some will, some wouldn’t, so what.

Protect your mindset and future productivity by letting it go…



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