I was reading a great blog post by Dinah Liversidge on ‘is being ‘fine’ costing you business’, which prompted me to think in more detail about how being ‘fine’ is hindering your from developing your personal brand and relationships further. Dinah, in her article, examines really well the reasons why we say it. In this article, I want to look at the relationship and branding impacts of saying fine. When someone asks you how are things, do you automatically say ‘fine’, or another one word bland answer? It doesn’t really inspire a conversation? Or help the other person to get to know you better. This is the real problem with the word ‘fine’, it hinders a personal relationship from forming. I’m not asking you to pour your guts out when you are asked, ‘how are you doing?’All I am suggesting is that you add a bit to the one word answer. This extra bit gives the other person something to ask you about and start a conversation. [sc name=NetworkingPlan] What about:

Good – and really enjoyed the lovely weather at the weekend Struggling a little at the moment, but things are looking up I’m happy, but having a tough time of it at the moment I’m happy, we’ve won some great new business recently I’m good work wise, but wishing that Man United had won at the weekend I’m a little tired at the moment, and really looking forward to my holiday next week

Sometimes we find that we use the ‘fine’ or ‘good’ to mask how hard we are finding things. It depends on who you are talking to and where, however, I encourage you to always find someone to remain upbeat about. You don’t want to cultivate a reputation as someone who moans. How often do you find yourself, saying you are ‘fine’ or ‘good’? [sc name=NetworkingPlan]

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