big 4 partner panel interview

You may have a solid business case for partnership in your law firm, consulting firm, Big 4, Accounting Firm or Magic Circle firm, but it is how you present it at the partner panel interview which will make or break your chance of actually securing partner. It can be really tempting to include everything in this be-all-end-all presentation, every little detail, but that’s wrong. The key to making it through Partnership Track into the partnership is actually creating a powerful presentation that is clear and succinct.

Creating your presentation for your Big 4 partner panel interview articles

To help you create a presentation worthy of being partner, I have put together a list of all the blog posts I have written on creating your presentation for your big 4 partner panel interview.

How to give the best presentation of your life when pitching your business case at your partnership panel interview

This post explores how to structure your presentation. Looking at what partner candidates tend to do wrong, I then show you how to truly ace your presentation of your business case at your partnership panel interview.

Business Development Clinic: How to eliminate presentation nerves

To become an effective and confident presenter, there’s nothing better than speaking at events. This blog outlines the best advice on how to eliminate presentation nerves from a professional speaker, Guy Clapperton.

10 tips to ace your presentation to your partnership selection panel

This blog gives you 10 simple tips to help you ace your partnership panel presentation (and any others you need to do!). All you have to do is implement these tips when creating your presentation and you can be sure that it will be a success.

How to ACE your presentation regardless of who is in the audience

This blog post is a first-hand account of someone being put off by somebody else in the crowd whilst giving their presentation. The aim of the post is to outline what to do if you’re confronted by somebody who puts you off so that you can focus on the good job you know that you can do.

Tips to present your business case at your partnership panel interview

This blog post reveals our top 7 tips to condense your 50+-page long business case into a 10 minute persuasive, engaging and impactful presentation for your partnership panel interview. That can be an impossible challenge without these tips.

5 common mistakes Big 4 candidates make at the Partner Panel Interview stage

Not getting partner or simply not getting to the next round of the process can come down to the result of just one error. One avoidable error. This blog lists the 5 most common mistakes that candidates make at the interview stage. Don’t let these lose you partner!

How to be on your A-game during your partnership panel interview

Even if you look good on paper and you have a solid business case, you need to be on your A-game for your presentation during your partnership panel interview. This blog shows you how to bring it, giving you valuable advice about what to do before and during your presentation.

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