The partnership admissions process bring about a mixture of emotions. Even if you are successful, the excitement can be slowly worn down by the reality that is ahead of you.  To help you get through the partnership admissions process without tearing your hair out, I have compiled a list of all the blog posts that I have written in hopes that they’ll make this an easier and more enjoyable time.

Partnership Admissions Process Articles

Your top six priorities when you are successful in the partnership admissions vote

Congratulations for making it to partner! Before your appointment to partner becomes permanent, you have some essential activities to see to. The partnership admissions process is a demanding and exhausting one, so this blog examines what your top 6 priorities should be.

How to pick yourself up if you are unsuccessful in the partnership admissions vote

As much as it may feel like it at the time, getting a no at the partnership admissions vote is not the end of your career. In fact, it might just be a blessing. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so you may find that being partner isn’t actually for you. If it still is your goal, however, this article will help you pick yourself back up to get back in the game starting with improving your business and personal case for partnership.

How to find out how to make partner, when there is no formal partnership admissions process

Many firms, including some very large top 50 UK based Accountancy and Legal firms, do not have a formal or structured process to get onto Partnership Track and then to Partner. This can be a good or bad thing, you just need to make sure that you’re driving your own career progression through to partner. This blog outlines what you need to demonstrate to be made partner when there’s no formal admissions process.

Your guide to demystifying competency-based interviews within the partnership admissions process

This post is the first part of a 2 part series, based on the experience of one of our clients who successfully made it through to partnership. This is an essential read if your partnership admissions process involves a competency-based interview.

5 tips from a new partner to pass the competency-based interview

This post is the second part of a 2 part series, based on the experience of one of our clients who successfully made it through to partnership. This article contains 5 top tips for passing your competency-based interview with flying colours.

6 common reasons why you didn’t get made up to partner this time around

As sad as it is when you hear that you didn’t make partner, it’s important to reflect why you weren’t chosen this time around. In this blog post, I explore the 6 main reasons why people are often unsuccessful as they go through their firm’s partnership admissions process.

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