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Both networking and self-improvement are crucial to successful business development, but with so many sources of information and so little time, many business owners don’t know where to start. Do you need help with networking? Perhaps you’re an introvert and you tend to avoid it or you’re a social butterfly and you want to know how to maximise your referrals? However you feel about networking, there’s always room for improvement. Here are the 4 best business networking books for lawyers and accountants.

The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking

The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking: How to use the power of online and offline networking for business success, Heather Townsend. If you’re only going to read one book on this list, you may want to choose this one. Why? Because it introduces you to a joined-up networking strategy that really works. As 80% of opportunities come from people who already know you, this award-winning book helps you to make more connections to increase your chances of winning new business or a career that you actually want. When it comes to great business networking books, The Financial Times Guide not only boosts your confidence when networking, but it also gives you easy actionable steps to follow to leverage the power of your network and generate referrals. This book is “a ‘must read’ for anyone wanting to use the power of face-to-face AND online networking to generate career and business success.”


Recommended: How to sell through networking and referrals, Andy Lopata. If you’re a professional who spends their time handing out business cards and getting no return, you’re not sure how to use your network to ask for referrals or you’re a networking novice, this book provides a detailed practical guide to help. From providing useful summaries and checklists to anecdotes and stories, Recommended is written by a networking expert who swears that building strong relationships is the key to generating quality referrals. If you’re looking for business networking books that explore the importance of trust and understanding between people and how this is essential for business, this book is very valuable. This book “shows you innovative new ways of generating referrals that make getting recommended faster, cheaper and more valuable.”

Business Networking – The Survival Guide

Business Networking – The Survival Guide: How to make networking less about stress and more about success, Will Kintish. The message of “Business Networking – The Survival Guide” is that networking may be necessary but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Like most people who know they need to network but hate it, this guide aims to help them overcome their fears and concerns to become networking gurus both in person and online. Using this step-by-step process, many have identified what has stopped them from networking effectively in the past and they have quickly mastered new ways to flip that on its head. This book is perfect “if you want to accelerate your confidence and effectiveness. Clear, concise with fast results.”

The Unnatural Networker

The Unnatural Networker: How Anyone Can Succeed At Networking, Charlie Lawson. Being an Unnatural Networker to the core, the author shows you in this book how he went from being a complete non-networker to being confident to network anywhere, anytime, with anyone. When it comes to valuable business networking books, The Unnatural Networker dishes out some great insights and actionable steps that anyone can take to boost their confidence and start networking effortlessly. An essential read for anyone feeling worried or uncomfortable about networking and who are looking to improve their networking skills. This book “shows you how to not only get over the fear of networking but also how to generate real returns from it.” While these are our top 4 business networking books, what about you? What are your favourites?

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