What does it mean to be made partner

In this video, we explore what does it mean to be made partner and, ultimately, if partnership is right for you. Check it out to understand the importance of exploring these crucial questions and setting yourself with the right mindset for success.

****************************** To buy your copy of the 3rd edition of How To Make Partner And Still Have A Life use this discount code ABMMPHL320 to get 20% off the new edition when you buy your copy direct from the publisher Kogan Page here http://ed.gr/b0510?fbclid=IwAR0aZMqk4SUUV8ulQ7sl1V5VksIGl4L_e7YJyPIfbIVXutrqePuyJCPhKZk)   For more advice on how to progress your career in the professions to make partner, go to our website https://www.howtomakepartner.com ****************************** Transcription: I’m really pleased that I finally got the third edition of How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life. I’d been working on it for the last 12 months, and I wanted to just give you a little bit of an insight into the parts of the book that’s changed now. Part one still starts with very much asking you where the partnership is right for you. And actually, I just wanted to pick up on that because I work with so many lawyers, consultants, accountants, that you get into this environment of professional services. The culture is you’ve got to keep moving your career forward. You’re so busy; you’ve not got time to think about anything else. So naturally, you think: “Oh, I want to make partner.” But one of the key points I want to make is the first decision you need to make if you’re going for how to make partner is actually to ask yourself is partnership right for me? So many of us don’t. We don’t take a step back. And I know I’ve worked and had people contact me that go it’s not for me now. Whether that’s the whole selling aspect, what it’s, whether it’s the fact that you become a business owner, whatever it is, whether you love being a technician. Maybe if you’re a lawyer, the relentless hours, it’s just not right for you. A lot of people get into that whole swing of culture while if the partnership’s not right for you, you failed. But no, the only time you fail is when you stay at a job, in a profession that makes you deeply unhappy and you don’t do anything about it. I know that’s not very politically correct for me to say, but actually, the only time you really fail in your career is when you don’t take action. When you don’t give yourself the respect to help get you into a place that makes you happy and fulfilled. That was the first point that I wanted to pick up on part one is that the whole theme of this book is slanted onto mindset because your mindset drives what you focus on; what you focus on drives your behaviours, it drives your actions, and it drives the outcomes that you get. That’s one of the critical differences of this book. About a third of the book’s been rewritten. So, if you want to get a copy of it, check below, and you’ll find a discount code that you can go directly to the publisher, and he’d get 20% off. Looking forward to hearing how you’re getting on with the book.

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