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It’s the day before most people break up for christmas. It’s also the day, where blood pressures and stress levels will rise because far too many of us have got to ‘clear our desks’ and get a piece of client work finished before going home tonight. If you are reading this blog post and thinking, not me, then enjoy being smug – and maybe pass this blog post onto those in your office who are less fortunate (that’s if they feel they have time to read this blog post). 1. Prioritise Not everything needs to get done by the end of today. Look at what’s on your to-do list and prioritise it. Now decide on what really needs to get done by the end of today. 2. Delegate You don’t have to do everything on your to do list. Look at the top priorities on your to do list:

  • who can help you with these?
  • who would benefit from helping you with these?
  • who in the office is bored because they have nothing to do?

3. Take regular breaks The temptation today is to work right through and not stopping for anything. After all, you’ve got too much to do to stop? Right? Wrong. Timetabling in several short breaks – whether to get a cup of tea or a quick walk around the block, will help you clear your mind and become more productive on the next task at hand. 4. Turn off distractions Yes, go into a quiet room away from all distractions like festive, happy and unoccupied colleagues. Turn your phone, social media and email off. Then get your head down and chomp through your to do list. We will now be taking a break over Christmas, so have a great break with your friends and family. Remember to take this opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy some quality time away from work.

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