moving up 1200pxIn yesterday’s blog post, we talked about the importance of ‘fit’ between your personal values and your firm’s culture and values. Here are 9 questions which will help you honestly assess how good a match there is between you and your firm:

  1. How would you describe your firm’s culture, both written and unwritten?
  2. How well do your personal Values match the firm’s culture?If there is a mismatch, how seriously doesn’t it challenge you?
  3. Do you feel proud when you tell people which firm you work for?
  4. What is the gap (rate on a scale of one to ten) between your personal values and your firm’s values and culture?
  5. In what ways, other than financial, does your firm reward good behaviour?
  6. Do you enjoy relaxing with the people around you?
  7. Are you happy spending time with your colleagues in work and out of work?
  8. Do you feel ‘included’ at work?
  9. Have you role models and people you respect within your firm at partner level?

What answers or further questions did these questions throw up in your mind?

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