Get the only book which will show you exactly what you need to do to go from senior fee earner to partner in your accountancy, legal or consultancy firm.

Making the transition from senior employee to partner in a professional services firm is the hardest career move you will ever make.

Poised for Partnership explains how others did it and how you can too.  Purchase in e-book format for just £5 here.

Read Poised for Partnership and you’ll learn:

  1. Tried and tested strategies to successfully make it through partner track and the partnership admissions process to partner
  2. How to create a cast-iron Business Case and Personal Case for partnership, even if you don’t have any previous experience of selling services
  3. How to pace yourself so you don’t get burnt out on the gruelling final steps to partnership
  4. How to find enough time to start to consistently win your own work, even if your billable time targets are sky high

The jump from senior associate to partner can be huge and unfamiliar – this book is clear, practical and reassuring. It set me on the right route, at a solid pace, and gave me the courage to go for it. For someone who picked this book up along the way, Heather’s ability to articulate the challenges facing a would-be partner is also uncanny. Her step-by-step guide to overcoming those challenges is even better. Well worth the read.

Another excellent and highly relevant book from Heather Townsend. Achieving partnership is a two-way deal – between the aspirant and the firm and both parties must take responsibility in making it happen. This book sets out the template in a jargon free and practical manner and should be a ‘must read’ for both those that seek partner status and those primarily responsible for making the appointment

This book is an invaluable aid to anyone considering the transition from associate to partner and employee to employer. Practical, thought-provoking and well-presented, the books allows you to dive in at any point, meaning that it is not just useful now, but will be for years to come.

Click here to purchase Poised for Partnership E-book format for just £5