Business Planning 101

Business Planning 101


All Day (3 Sessions)


29 May 2024




Heather Townsend

Business Planning 101 

Join us for this Lunch & Learn Workshop on Wednesday 29 May 2024 

Booking open now! Join the workshop to learn…

1) The key parts of a business plan and how this will underpin your Business Case for partner


2) What levers you can pull in order to make your part of the practice more profitable – hint: it’s not just about winning work.


3) The importance of the 4 key ingredients to business growth and why your role is to balance the 4 as you grow your practice.


4) How to use the STAGe model to create your Business Plan

5) How to “socialise” your Business Plan with partners to get them to back your Business Case.

We are running this LIVE, three times on the same day so that you will be able to come along at the time that works best for you, wherever you are in the world.

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We have an Earlybird offer if you book before 15 May 2024 you can attend for just £75+VAT (from 16 May l this will increase to £99+VAT)

(Our Progress to Partner Academy Premium members can attend at no cost as part of their membership)

Session 1:
09.15 UK | 13:15 GST | 20:15 AEDT

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Session 2:
12.30 UK | 07.30 ET | 16.30 GST | 21.30 AET

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Session 3:
17.30 UK | 12.30 EST | 09:30 PST

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