How to go from Coffees to Instructions

Create a steady stream of referrals… How to go from Coffees to Instructions


All Day (2 Sessions)


18 Oct 2023




Heather Townsend

To progress your career in practice, you need to move from being a great technician into someone who can be relied upon to win good quality work. To do that, you will need to differentiate yourself from your peers AND the more experienced members of your practice.  Join us for this Lunch & Learn Workshop on Wednesday 18 October and learn how to create a strong personal brand that will eventually lead to a regular stream of referrals that come to you and not your partner.



  • How to maximise the 4 key ingredients needed to get the referral
  • How to create a strong personal brand so you can get the referral rather than your partner
  • How to use the SERVICE framework to generate a regular stream of referrals without generating referrals becoming your day job
  • Practical strategies to stay in touch and visible with your introducers in less than 20 mins a day
  • The 2 questions to use to identify whether a potential introducer is worth meeting
  • The 7 places to find well-placed introducers and which ones you should focus your energies on to get the most amount of referrals for your networking time
  • Know how to set expectations with your referral sources so you only get the referrals you want

We are running this twice in one day so that you will be able to come along at the time that works best for you, wherever you are in the world.

You can join the Workshop for just 99+VAT .

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Session 1:
09.15 UK | 13:15 GST | 20:15 AEDT

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Session 2:
12.30 pm UK | 7 .30 am ET | 4.30 pm GST | 9.30 pm AET

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