What to Prioritise in Your First 3 Months as Partner

So you’ve made partner? Here’s how to make a success of your first 3 months


All Day (3 Sessions)


22 Jun 2023




Heather Townsend

What to Prioritise in Your First 3 Months as a Partner.  Join us for this 1-hour Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshop on Thursday 22 June.

Firstly, well done for making it to partner! You have probably made the biggest and toughest step up you are ever going to make in your career!

Join Heather Townsend and Kate Clover to learn exactly what you need to do to make a success of your first three months as a Partner.  This virtual workshop will show you:

  • How to manage expectations about what you are there to do
  • How to build up your own tribe who you trust and like within the partnership
  • How to avoid other partners dumping their non-chargeable responsibilities onto you
  • How to resolve early potential conflicts about staff resource and sales credits with other partners
  • The importance of self-care and resetting your typical workday and work routines now you are a partner
  • How to focus on what really matters now as a new partner (hint: the rules of the game have now changed)

We are running this 3 times in one day so that you will be able to come along at the time that works best for you, wherever you are in the world.  Book now for just £99+VAT



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Session 1:
09.15 am UK| 13:15 pm GST | 20:15 pm AEDT

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Session 2:
12.30 pm UK | 7 .30 am ET | 4.30 pm GST | 9.30 pm AET

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Session 3:
5.30 pm UK | 12 .30 pm EST | 09:30 am PST

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