Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop

Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop – Time Management for Ambitious Professionals

Time management for ambitious professionals 26 October Virtual workshop


All Day (3 Sessions)


26 Oct 2022




Heather Townsend

If you want to be noticed as partner-material you need to find the time to work on your career. In fact, you should be thinking about your career as another client.   Time management skills are vital if you want to find the time to work on your career. We’ll talk you through how to carve out time for yourself, become skilled at managing interruptions, as well as how to say “no” to clients and partners without it being a career-limiting move.

Join us for this 1-hour Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshop on WEDNESDAY 26 OCTOBER 2022.

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In less than hour, this virtual workshop ​​will get you focussed on how to delegate, manage interruptions and all those other things that take up your time and knock you off track. You’ll learn:

a) the confidence to know when, what and how to delegate work to juniors

b) how to gracefully but firmly manage interruptions from clients, colleagues and the partners

c) gain clarity about what you are actually there to do and how to get it done

d) how to say no to clients and partners without it being a career limiting move

e) how to use a default diary and time-blocking to make sure the highly important but not urgent stuff always gets done

f) how to minimise the common sources of people or things which cause you to be inefficient or waste time

Booking Open! REMEMBER this is FREE  for full Progress to Partner subscribers.

Our Earlybird rate £35 +VAT until Wednesday 21 October when tickets will be £59 +VAT

Session 1:
09.15 am UK ( 12:15 pm GST | 18:15 pm AET)

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Session 2:
12.30 pm UK (7 .30 am ET | 4.30 pm GST | 9.30 pm AET)

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Session 3:
5.30 pm UK ( 12 .30 pm EST | 09:30 am PST )

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