Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop

Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop – How to Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner


8:00 am - 5:00 pm (3 Sessions)


28 Sep 2022




Heather Townsend

How to Build a Cast-Iron Business Case for Partner. If you’re serious about your career, no matter where you are in your career, DON’T MISS THIS WORKSHOP!  Join us for this 1-hour Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshop on WEDNESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2022.

Booking is Open!

Heather Townsend is running this webinar, LIVE,  3 times in one day so that you will be able to come along at the time that works best for you, wherever you are in the world.

Join us for this virtual lunch and learn to discover:

a) What your partners are really looking for in their future partners. Hint: it’s nothing to do with your chargeable time figures

b) How to create the time to create your business case

c) The 7 critical mistakes highly talented professionals make with their business case when going for partnership

d) The 7 different types of business case, and how to strengthen each type of business case

e) The 4 key sections expected in every business case – regardless of the size of your firm

f) The 4 ways to critically edit and evaluate your business case to improve its persuasiveness and impact


Booking Open! REMEMBER this is FREE only for Progress to Partner subscribers.

Earlybird rate £35 +VAT until Wednesday 21 September when tickets will be £59+VAT


Session 1:
09.15 am UK ( 12:15 pm GST | 18:15 pm AET)

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Session 2:
12.30 pm UK (7 .30 am ET | 4.30 pm GST | 9.30 pm AET)

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Session 3:
5.30 pm UK ( 12 .30 pm EST | 09:30 am PST )

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