Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop – The Lowdown on Asking for a Pay Rise

Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshop – The Lowdown on Asking for a Pay Rise


All Day (1 Session)


13 Jul 2022




Heather Townsend

Get the Lowdown on Asking for a Pay Rise.  Join us for this 1-hour Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshop on Wednesday 13 July. We are running this session, LIVE,  3 times in one day so that you will be able to come along at the time that works best for you, wherever you are in the world.

Join us for this virtual lunch and learn to discover:

  1. How and when most firms normally determine pay rises

  2. How to approach your line manager to talk about your pay and not end being seen as a troublemaker

  3. How to plan for the conversation with your line manager

  4. What to do if the conversation doesn’t go well with your manager

  5. How to discover what market rate is for your role and salary

  6. How to determine your true worth to the firm and what you can use to help negotiate a higher salary



Session 1: 09.15 am UK ( 13:15 pm GST | 20:15 pm AEDT)

Session 2: 12.30 pm UK (7 .30 am ET | 4.30 pm GST | 9.30 pm AET)

Session 3: 5.30 pm UK | 12 .30 pm EST | 09:30 am PST

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