The Go-To Expert System – The Proven way for you to grow a partner-sized client portfolio

This three month course will help you build a partner-sized client portfolio.

Learn how to win your own bigger and better clients.

Don’t waste time on business development activities which go nowhere.

You will discover how to:


Turn on a tap of referrals


Win new clients using our tried, tested and proven 30 minutes per day secret structure


Convert endless coffee meetings into a referral network that means better business for you


Get traction on a consistent stream of business and wave goodbye to the pain of feast and famine


Affirm yourself as the go-to-expert in your niche


Use your technical expertise to attract sales naturally


Draw prospects towards you instead of others


Pinpoint the precise niche you’ll thrive in (most get this wrong)


Infuse business development as a natural part of your day (perfect for busy people)

Who is this course designed for?

Senior associates, senior managers or directors in professional practices who need to improve their numbers and the size of their client portfolio if they want to make partner.

New fixed share partners or junior partners who want to improve their ability to win bigger and better work.


Ambitious managers who want to get ahead and short cut their journey to make it to partner in their firm.

Lawyers, acccountants and consultants in large, international and regional firms who want to win more work from their firm’s internal market place.

Live Virtual Masterclasses

Your course is delivered by live, interactive, masterclasses, and email coaching. The interactive masterclasses are live, but you can watch them back time and time again from the comfort of your laptop or tablet. What’s more you get a transcript to read, again and again.



Weekly accountability via Email coaching

Every week you will be nudged into action by an email from your accountability coach. They will ask you what you plan to achieve in the next week as well as any help you need. They will reply within 24-48 hours to any help you may need.

Honestly, the best thing has been the quality of the content – the masterclasses were very high quality. They are FULL of amazing tips and insights into building your personal brand so you become the recognised expert. Plus, where you need to look and how to contact people. I am stunned by the quality of this course.

Susan Heaton Wright

Executive Coach, Executive Voice

The master class sessions are super helpful because they are actually interactive. They are not a recording I can zone out of and ignore – my direct inquiries and comments were actually addressed on the call. That kept me engaged and helped accelerate my learning, and action commitments.

Len Nanjad

Principal, Organizational Effectiveness


The Go-To Expert system is based on the best-selling Go-To Expert book published by Financial Times Publishing. The book has gained over 45 five star reviews on You will get a copy posted to you when you sign up for the course.

It is a must for any one in a professional career that wants to get ahead.

Paul Miller

Owner, Cornish Accountants

The Next Programme starts in Spring 2020








Signup for £495 + VAT

Secure your place for £495 + VAT

How does the programme work?

Masterclass Expertise

For the first two months, we will meet online every fortnight for a 60-90 min masterclass. In the masterclass you will learn the exact same system which has helped our clients double, and sometimes triple, the size of their client portfolio in less than two years.

You will get everything you need to learn how to attract bigger and better clients, differentiate yourself, increase your client conversion rate and grow a profitable client portfolio.

WEEKLY Email Accountability & Coaching

From Day One of the programme, we will also provide you with weekly accountability via email coaching with your coach.  This is your opportunity to ask the questions that are specific to your business. Let us know your plans for each week and we will keep you accountable, every week for the entire three months!

No Jargon

Everything you will learn will be easy to action right away, simple, jargon-free AND based on exactly what works for our clients; just like the Go-To Expert book.



Your personal copy of the Go-To Expert workbook and weekly email coaching will help and support you to implement what you are learning in the virtual masterclasses

Heather helped me establish myself as the firm’s expert on independent retailers and FMCG. As a result of working with Heather I now have the luxury of picking the clients I want. No more relying on following up leads from the telemarketer for me. So many positive things have come out of our relationship, not least a 5x return on my investment.

Phil Mullis

Partner, Head of Retail and Wholesale, Wilkins Kennedy

I was under pressure to build up a completely new client portfolio, from scratch, as a result of changing firms. I got the structure, process and confidence to go out and win my new clients – in a way which felt natural and authentic to me. As a result I beat my tough year one targets.

Nick Rudd

Financial Planner, HFM Columbus



Date TBC

Masterclass 1

How to choose and make yourself irresistible to your ideal client

  1. Discover the one BIG mistake which means that most accountants, lawyers and consultants find it really hard to win their ideal client.
  2. Follow our fool-proof process to discover and win your dream clients who will propel you to partnership
  3. Discover the buying journey of your IDEAL CLIENTS and what to say and do to help motivate them into buying from you.
  4. Use our TRIED AND TESTED informational research framework to get that all-important first meeting with your ideal clients
  5. Identify the KEY WORDS and PHRASES you need to use to motivate your ideal clients to buy without price being a problem

Date TBC

Masterclass 2

How to become the first person people think of when they have work you want

  1. Discover how to use content and LinkedIn to always stay top-of-the mind with people well positioned to send you work
  2. Identify how to use LinkedIn to successfully fish for prospects and identify well-placed introducers
  3. Identify exactly which content LinkedIn loves and how to expand the reach of your content on LinkedIn with these simple tips
  4. Discover the exact formula that produces the most IMPACTFUL testimonials that help convert future prospects
  5. Use the 5Ps model to always have time for business development activities that actually generate a high return on your time investment.

Date TBC

Masterclass 3

How to turn your network into a predictable lead generating machine

  1. Discover how to use the SERVICE framework to reliably deliver high quality new client leads
  2. Learn how to turn social media contacts into clients and reliable referral sources
  3. The right way (and the rookie errors to avoid) when meeting introducers for the first time and then how to turn them into regular referrers for you
  4. Discover the power of using A-listers to radically increase the number of referrals you receive

Date TBC

Masterclass 4

Converting Prospects into Clients: The Easy Way

  1. Learn how the DUFF framework can stop you chasing leads which are never going to convert
  2. Discover why buyers rarely buy on price and what you can do to maximise your chances of winning the work
  3. Identify the misconceptions most professionals have about the sales process which prevents them from winning work
  4. Learn the 3 questions buyers have which you need to ANSWER in order to win the work
  5. Learn the EXACT WORDS and PHRASES to use in the sales process to identify the real reasons a prospect is interested in your services
  6. Identify the hot buttons to use on your proposals in order to maximise your win rate

Heather helped me establish myself as the firm’s expert on independent retailers and FMCG. As a result of working with Heather I now have the luxury of picking the clients I want. No more relying on following up leads from the telemarketer for me. So many positive things have come out of our relationship, not least a 5x return on my investment.

Phil Mullis

Partner, Head of Retail and Wholesale, Wilkins Kennedy

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in the program, how can I find out more details?

Call us on + 44 (0)1234 48 01234 or email to book a 20 minute call in Heather’s diary

If I don't find the programme valuable will I be able to get a refund?

Our aim is to make sure that ALL of our clients are happy. If after talking with us we can’t rectify what is wrong with the programme for you, we will agree a no-quibble refund for you.

When will I be invoiced for the programme?

You will be invoiced immediately for the programme. If you want to have a chat with us to see whether the programme is right for you, call Heather on 01234 48 0123. Or email to book a 20 minute call in Heather’s diary.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. When you sign up, you will automatically be asked to pay by credit card via our payment processor (Stripe).

If you prefer, we can set up a GoCardless link for you to pay via your bank instead; please contact us if you would prefer this.

Is VAT payable on the price?

The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Who will be my coach on the programme?

If you decide to add in 4 hours of coaching into your programme, you will be coached by Heather Townsend

Will there be a recording of the virtual live masterclasses?

Whilst you will get the most out of the masterclasses if you listen in live, we understand that sometimes it is hard to attend them all. There will be a recording available within 24 hours of the end of each masterclass. An audio transcription of the masterclasses will also be available within 1-2 weeks of the masterclass.

Will you open up this programme again if the time is not right for me now?

Our May 2019 programme is the only time we will run The Go-to-Expert this year. We do plan to start the programme again in early 2020.  News about the programme is spreading fast so do get in touch if you would like to reserve your place.

If I attend the programme will you guarantee that I will rapidly grow my client portfolio?

What we guarantee is that if you attend all the masterclasses, implement a focused marketing plan, and take full advantage of our weekly accountability email coaching, you will win business worth significantly more than your investment in the programme.

We are so confident that if you do all this and you still don’t get a return worth many times your investment in the programme, we will give you at least 2 hours of 1:2:1 coaching (worth £600 + VAT) to help you build your client portfolio.

Heather is an award-winning author of 4 books, including ‘The Go-To Expert’ and ‘How to make partner and still have a life’. In the last twelve months her clients have added over £1m to their portfolios. She loves helping her clients, particularly the reluctant business developers, become confident and effective at business development.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01234 48 01234 or email to book a call in Heather’s diary

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